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Step 1.

Choose Your Services!

Bundle our services to save time and money, while getting the most out of our expertise! 

Step 2.

Schedule Your inspection

Skip the headache , use our online scheduler to book your inspection today! 

Step 3.

Get Prepared!

Inspection day is coming! 
Sign Agreements, Pay your Fees,  and  Relax! 

Buyers Inspecton

We conduct a visual, noninvasive inspection of the readily accessible systems and components of a home.

Our inspections include but are not limited to: Roof, foundation, exterior, heating system, air-conditioning system, structure, plumbing and electrical systems, and other aspects of the home as may be identified by the Washington State home inspector advisory licensing board.

Pre-Offer Consultation

Make your informed offer stand out by consulting with a Licensed Home Inspector in advance! 

"Preoffer consultation" is a verbal report that is limited in scope. Pre-offer consultations are not a substitute for Home Inspections. Preoffer consultations may be conducted only prior to mutual acceptance.

Sellers Inspection 

Set yourself up for a smooth sale with a sellers inspection prior to listing. 

Seller's inspections can uncover and identify issues in the home which may affect or delay your sale.

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